Transform :20 Week 3


I can’t believe we’re already halfway done with this program! It’s insane. It’s been a blast doing it all with Team Reach Higher, though! My teammates Mel & Ceara have been running an AMAZING challenge group for our team this month. It’s been so inspiring to learn from them! We will have a new challenge group up in March, so stay tuned! (Make sure to get on the waiting list if you aren’t already on my team, though!)


So this week definitely started out strong. I’ll tell you what, even though these workouts are only twenty minutes long, I am SO SWEATY when they’re over. I know I’m really giving my all in each of those twenty minutes. And with shorter workouts like these, you really have to. It’s definitely tough to do so in the morning, but drinking preworkout helps get me going in the early AM. If you watch my Insta stories, you’ll see that I drink that every day before a workout.


As I’ve said before, the key to any fitness program when you’re working towards weight loss or fat loss is your NUTRITION. You truly cannot out train a poor diet. I started off strong and followed my plan. I had meal planned and prepped over the weekend. I had interesting and varied fuel foods. But as the week went on, things got more difficult. And so I stopped trying. Over the weekend, I took some students overnight to SUNY Binghamton to participate in the Zone 3 Area All-State Mixed Chorus. I did this same trip last year when I was doing 80 Day Obsession, but it was at Ithaca High School and wasn’t an overnight. Last year, I was able to take my red Saratoga cooler full of food with me each day. I also had access to a microwave. This year was tougher. The district was paying for our meals, and so we went to Wendy’s, Olive Garden, and Panera - places all chosen by the students.

But I’m kind of making excuses here and I know it… particularly at the second two locations, I could’ve made healthier choices. One or two breadsticks instead of four, a protein-heavy salad instead of mac n’ cheese. But I didn’t and here we are. I wasn’t happy with how I felt after eating all of that. I was uncomfortable in my body. But on Sunday, I went ahead and gave myself some self-care, gave myself the mental grace to eat whatever was available at the Super Bowl party that I was going to, and start again for Week 4.

Speaking of self-care, did you know that my teammates and I are running a FREE 7-day self-care challenge?? Yeah! It’s called “Be Your Own Valentine!” Make sure you sign up… we start on February 10th! <3