Transform :20 Week 6


I COMPLETED TRANSFORM :20! And I cannot wait to give you the scoop on it all.

So, my final week of this program was indeed while I was on vacation with family in Florida. Truth be told, when I realized back in January that these weeks would be overlapping, I was a bit nervous and thought about putting my workouts on *pause* for this week and resuming them when I got back, ending the program a week after my challengers and the rest of the world. But that thought lasted for just a tiny second because I realized that this is essentially the BEAUTY of Beachbody On-Demand. That you can do the workouts from ANYWHERE.

So each morning on my vacation, I woke up early (like 6 AM-ish) and drank my preworkout and went downstairs to workout while everyone else was still sleeping. That part wasn’t hard to do, as I’m used to waking up stupid early to go to work (#teacherlife) and all of the fun in the sun I was having during the day had me out like a light by 9 PM or so anyways. It actually was kind of nice… it was my own special time to myself.


But Rachel, this program is all about THE STEP. Don’t tell me you brought that thing on a plane to Florida??


Well, no. I didn’t. I thought about asking my sister- and brother-in-law to bring it down with them (they drove, and brought some of our luggage with them) but I decided not to. You can actually do this program without a step at all. Olivia, one of the cast members, does all the moves sans step right next to Shaun T, showing you EXACTLY how it can be done. So I followed her. A few of my modifiers were different because of it (the lack of step made it harder/easier to complete, depending on the move), but whatever. The point was that I got active and got my heart rate up because I literally laid around and did nothing but read and play on my phone all week (except for one failed attempt at boogie boarding, haha), which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Let’s chat about eating healthy on vacation.

As I made it pretty clear in my Insta posts & journal entries in the weeks leading up to this trip, I fully intended on eating ALL OF THE DONUTS on this trip. This vacation spot is home to my favorite donut shop ever, The Donut Experiment, where your donut is made fresh and to order. I literally had 2-3 donuts almost every single day of the week. (No lie.) And they were so good. To me, this is what “#balance” is truly. When you have something that is a fun food, definitely not a fuel food, but truly brings you joy. A Marie Kondo food experience, if you will. Stopping at Dunkin Donuts and eating a crappy donut because I had a bad day teaching does not make me feel better, really. That “fun food” does not bring me joy. So, I (read: we all) need to stop chalking our poor eating habits up to “#balance”.


While we were there, our family did some grocery shopping at Publix to get fun foods for vacation meals & snacks. I had a packet of Shakeology mixed with water each day, so I knew I was getting at least some nutrients in. But by midweek, my husband (who does not drink Shakeology, but will indulge in Shakeology mug cake, haha) was craving some veggies, so he and I went to the store to refresh our grocery supplies, like a dope steak salad, which paired nicely with the wine I was drinking all week! Hahaha.


All of this is to say that after this vacation week, my “results” (weight, inches) were basically the same as where I was when I started Transform :20. I didn’t take measurements or after photos because we LITERALLY have been go-go-go since we got off the plane on Saturday (musical rehearsals, a friend’s birthday party, grocery shopping, meal prepping, meetings, etc.). But don’t let this scare you away from trying the program - after Week 5, I was at my lowest weight since before the holidays, was eating mostly low- or no-carb (I’ve been following a lot of Dr. Mark Hyman’s & Dr. Stephen Gundry’s stuff), and was feeling high energy and great. And it truly is a sustainable program. 20-minute workouts are easy to fit into any day, and are certainly easier to complete before work than, say, the 60-minute 80 Day Obsession workouts. The nutrition piece is simple to jump back in to with proper meal prepping and busy schedules. A vacation is always tough.

But with this, my journey isn’t over! This is the third Beachbody program I’ve journaled about as it’s been released and I can’t wait to do that with all of the future ones. I especially can’t wait for the relaunch of 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme! Those are the programs that really jumpstarted my weight loss. Stay tuned for the next journal!