Transform :20 Week 5


Week 5 of Transform 20 means we are into the third and final leg of the journey! Shaun T and some of the other people in the video actually added a level to their step this week but I didn’t because helloooo I’m short and also I’m struggling with/modifying the moves to begin with.


I started off the week knowing it was going to be busy from the start. I had 7-9 rehearsals most nights with the kids and I was eyeing a snowstorm that was supposed to be coming our way Tuesday. I meal prepped lunches and dinners for both Sawyer and myself. Sometimes when I have to be at school late, I’ll leave Sawyer a recipe to make us for dinner. But Sawyer is building the set for this musical, don’t forget, so he gets home late like I do. This means that neither of us has the time to cook at night. The meal-prepped dinners have been a big help. I think I might keep up this practice, at least for a few nights a week, so snack meals of crackers and cheese aren’t our first course of action whenever we are feeling particularly tired/lazy.


I made goat cheese & beet salads for lunches this week, but I’ll admit that by the end of the week I was tired of eating the same thing every day for lunch. That hasn’t happened to me in a while. I’m usually pretty ok with eating the same thing day in and day out. By Friday, I abandoned the beet salad and moved up my chicken stir fry meal prep dinner. After school, I grabbed burritos for myself and Sawyer for dinner because, yes, we were still at school on a Friday night.


Eating generally went ok beyond that. (And by “ok” I mean I ate mostly fuel foods rather than all fun foods.) We did, however, go to Défi Cuisine Corp in Syracuse for Valentine’s Day for a freaking DOPE 5-course dinner. This is a cool, new-ish restaurant that uses locally sourced ingredients in its fancy meals. But one thing I noticed is that there were hardly any starches in what they served us. No excess bread, like so many restaurants like to serve. Just healthy fats, proteins, & vegetables. And it was delicious.


Next week is the FINAL week of this program. I’ve really loved it so far, as it has been PERFECT for my busy season as musical director. But we will also be on Anna Maria Island in Florida for February break during this week. I fully intend on completing my workouts each day, so we’ll see how this workout program does on the road. (Most of Beachbody’s programs are so incredibly easy to take anywhere, as long as you have the internet and don’t need too much equipment.) Let’s see!