Transform :20 Week 4


The end of Week 4 marked the end of Chapter 2 in Transform :20… the “Climb” phase. It was a really, really good week of the program all around.

I am continuing to work hard and make every minute of the twenty count in each day’s workout and I consistently meet or exceed my transformers. I also really stuck to my nutrition this week, minus a Saturday treat meal of sushi and a few glasses of white wine. (The sugar content in sushi rice and white wine can be high, but it isn’t like McDonald’s or anything.) But sushi and wine just seemed perfect after a long day of rehearsing and set-building at school. Especially one where I dropped/broke AN ENTIRE GALLON OF PAINT all over the school parking lot. Sign. You know how sometimes you have food that you’re telling yourself is a treat, but afterwards you’re like, “Why did I eat that?” This wasn’t like that. This meal gave both me and my husband a feeling of perfect contentedness. And THAT, my friends, is a treat meal.

Testing stone patterns on the set!

Testing stone patterns on the set!


But seriously, beyond those treats, I am eating pretty well. I know that partially has to do with the fact that I have no opportunity to eat anything BESIDES the heathy foods I am packing myself because I am just at school all the time. But I’m starting to feel great and that’s helping me say “no, thanks” when less-worthy treats do arise, like when someone offers candy or something. Even when I’m super exhausted, haha. I made a choice at Friday night dinner with the fam fam to get something healthy. I picked Chipotle’s new Keto Salad Bowl! It was actually pretty good and low-carb!

My weight did come down from last weekend’s spike (read about that craziness here) and I’m now definitely loosing weight since the start of this program. With only twenty minute workouts a day! Can’t hardly believe it but here we are. I haven’t measured myself since the start of the program, but I have a feeling that I am loosing inches, too. I am just feeling thinner & lighter. My clothes fit better and aren’t snug. They’re loose, even. I am so ready to get to Florida in a week! Make sure you follow me on Insta (@rachel.reaches) to creep on my vacation!