Transform :20 Week 2

Rachel+Reaches_Week+2 (1).png

The end of Week 2 means the end of Phase 1 (“Commit”) of Transform :20, which means that we are already a third of the way done! It already feels like it’s flying by. That’s probably because I’m just coming off a round of 80 Day Obsession, which lasts forever, haha. Or…. twice as long as this 42 day program.

I had last Monday off from school, as it was MLK Jr Day. Typically, I do much better nutritionally when I am busy all day long and am basically forced to just eat out of my cooler of meal prepped foods. When I have free time, I tend to graze and snack, and not on healthy items. Hearken back to some of my previous journal entries about drinking out of a syrup bottle


But I did okay. I honestly got the most “snack-y” when I got home from my late night musical rehearsals and busted out cheese & crackers, or a beer. I truly would chalk it all up to my TOM, though. I reigned in my snack attacks over the weekend. I shopped the grocery store perimeter and created a baller meal plan for Week 3. Feel free to download blank weeknight meal plan template below and use it on social, like on your Insta stories!


The best part about this week was trying to beat my transformers. Those are those three 1-minute workout challenges that I talked about last week, where you count the number of reps you can do in a minute. I am proud to say that I increased EVERY SINGLE ONE of my transformers this week. Maybe I just didn’t push myself hard enough last week, but I was able to crank out a ton more reps. And it was pretty fun to do :)


Even though it was a busy week rehearsal-wise, we still got to spend some time with friends. Sawyer and I went with my friend Amanda Dober (follow her on Insta! @wereallalittlefruity) to Clayscapes Pottery for a Sup n’ Turn class. I’m definitely not going to become a potter any time soon, but it was really fun.

This class gave me some inspiration for a self-care free challenge that I want to run: “Be Your Own Valentine”. I definitely want to incorporate a day where we work on a creative project as a part of our self-care. Go here to sign up for this free challenge, coming up February 10th-16th!