Transform :20 Week 1

Week 1

Man, it feels like this new year is already F L Y I N G. This first month is almost done! I need to really slow down and take it all in and appreciate everything that is going on in my life. One thing I am so grateful for is this brand new program, Transformation :20! It incorporates the portioned meal planning system that I know and love (and helped me lose over 30 pounds) with twenty-minute workouts that really pack a punch. These workouts happen six times a week, with Sunday being your rest day. It’s a step-based aerobic program, but there are also full bodyweight exercises, too. It’s definitely not your mama’s 1980s step program! But you honestly can do it without a step, if you wanted. They even show an example of someone doing the moves without a step in the workout videos. And Saturday is a stretch day, which I am so glad for, because if it’s not built in the schedule, I normally don’t do it! Whoops.


So far, these workouts have been really fun. They incorporate these things called “transformers”, which are essentially three minute-long challenges where you try to get as many reps in of a move as you can. The music changes and it kind of feels like you’re in a video game. It’s really exciting. Two things I love about these transformers:

  1. The focus is on beating your numbers each week. NOT on beating anyone else’s numbers. NOT on lowering the number on the scale. But on you becoming better, faster, stronger. I freaking love that.

  2. There’s MUSIC in these workouts. I loved 80 Day Obsession, but I always had to have my own tunes going in order to help stay motivated. As a music teacher, I value and understand the power of music to change your mood. My students might not know this, but I love electronic music like Galantis & Sylvan Esso. I don’t only listen to choral and band music, hahahaha. P.S. there is another new Beachbody program releasing this year called Morning Meltdown 100 where EACH workout will feature music mixed by a LIVE DJ! How cool is that?? Stay tuned!


One thing that I know I will need to focus on over these next six weeks (that’s the length of the program, 42 days. 36 days of workouts and 7 rest days) is nutrition. When I did the VIP early access release of LIIFT4 last summer, I learned big time that if I want shorter workouts, I really need to dial it in nutritionally. While you can’t out train a poor diet, a 60-minute workout is most likely going to do more for you than a 20-minute one. But it’s musical season and I’m directing this year. It’s definitely a bigger time commitment than just directing the pit band. I don’t have time for a 60-minute sweat sesh each day. But instead of saying “Screw it. I’m not working out until mid-March after the show”, I’m making time for these 20-minute ones :)


Let’s see if I beat my transformers numbers next week!