Phase 1 (Days 1-20)


Hello and welcome to my Morning Meltdown 100 journal! I am excited to tell you about this program as I complete it :) I have reached the end of Phase 1, which is the first twenty days of the program. There are five phases in total. It definitely doesn’t feel like I’m 20% done with the program, but I guess I am!

The way this program works is that there are ten different types of workouts that last between 20 and 30 minutes. They are:

Cardio Meltdown
Upbeat Strength
Core Inferno
Total Body Badass
Freestyle Flow
LIT Cardio
Downbeat Strength
Fight Club

You do two of each of those workouts in a phase. During the second half of the phase (at least in phase one), the routines get more difficult and there is a 100-second challenge at the end that varies each day.

I know that my #teamreachhigher is glad that the workouts get more difficult as we get deeper into the program. Not gonna lie, I think after the first week we all thought that the program was too easy. Many of us have dug deep into other challenging Beachbody programs, like 80-Day Obsession, Hammer & Chisel, P90X, etc. But a few other team members started Morning Meltdown 100 when it was released VIP early access in the summer, so they are ahead of us and are in Phase 4 already - they have assured us that everything does get more challenging, in a good way!

But for now, to stay on track with our health goals, we all need to pay more attention to nutrition. The same thing happened when we tried LIIFT4, Transform :20, and 21 Day Fix… shorter workouts demand less energy and thus you don’t NEED as much food as you may crave. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t really understand the food system that goes along with MM100. It’s not Portion Fix. You can do Portion Fix with MM100 and they tell you how to calculate your containers, but they have an entirely different system that they recommend you follow.

In the first two weeks, I was following a hybrid of 16:8 intermittent fasting, weekday veganism, and the food lists from Dr. Gundry’s “The Longevity Paradox” (which is a fantastic book and I recommend you all read it!) and I actually was down 5 pounds. I had lots of energy and didn’t feel any bloating or anything. It was great.

But then something happened towards the end of Phase 1 where I just got really down in the dumps. I’m not sure if it was the sudden change in the weather from beautiful fall to rainy, dreary fall or some hormonal thing, or what, but I turned to food as my comfort. I’ve had a lot of access to candy lately (Halloween’s coming up..) and have had quite a bit of it. And then, on Day 18 of this phase, I popped out a crown while flossing. So I ended Phase 1 eating REALLY poorly, like soup and pudding and applesauce only, and those 5 pounds came back.

The good news is I’m starting to get sick of that stuff now, so I’m looking forward to getting back to the combo of fasting, eating fewer animal products, and avoiding lectins once I take a trip to the dentist!

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