LIIFT4 Journal - Week 8

Week 8

And just like that, summer is over! And so it LIIFT4. The 8 weeks have truly gone by so fast. I have shared a lot of my thoughts on the program on my personal Facebook page and my public Instagram. I actually did a live video on it… here are my thoughts.

LIIFT4 has the potential to be a great program. It can fit into busy seasons of your life seamlessly because it’s only four 30-40 minute workouts a week. Now, I did not follow nutrition exactly or even CLOSE at all, so I cannot speak to the effectiveness of that portion of the program. I can surmise that if I did follow the portion control plan more strictly, I would have lost weight. Following the workouts exactly DID give me arm & back muscles but did not make me bulky, which I know is what many women fear about weight lifting.


I’m gonna be frank, I don’t think you’ll see a huge weight loss difference from start to finish even if you do follow the nutrition piece exactly because the workout minutes aren’t there. Four 30-40 minute workouts per week is not that same as seven 30-minute workouts (21 Day Fix/21 Day Fix Extreme) or six 60-minute workouts (80 Day Obsession). It just isn’t. BUT I do have some challengers who say to me that they could never find the time for something like 80DO or even 21DF and so this program could be their solution, or at least their entry point, to adding fitness to their lives.

So my review is that LIIFT4 is a great program for busy people who are looking to see some small results (so long as they follow the nutrition plan!) OR it’s good for maintaining a current weight.

As an update, Sober September is still going well! This upcoming weekend is my NYC weekend with my girlfriends and they’re talking about brunch, so we’ll see what happens!


Additionally, today was the first day of my free 5-Day Clean Eating Challenge and it’s going GREAT! I’m getting back on track with clean eating and I have about 30ish people participating along with me! They have already posted a lot of great photos of their meals from Day 1 in my Facebook group Reasons to Reach (request to join if you want to creep on the challenge! I don’t mind!).

I’ll probably journal for the next new program, which is Transform :20 with Shaun T, coming out for early release in January! I can’t wait!!!

Rachel Reaches