LIIFT4 Journal - Week 7

Week 7

This was the last true week of summer vacation for me. On Thursday, we had a professional development day at school for teachers that we had to go in for. Technically we had a four-day weekend after that, but now I'm in school mode and there's no going back! 

The last two weeks of the LIIFT4 program are "shred weeks". The workouts are different - the days of the week are switched up (ex. legs is not always on Fridays) and the muscle groups worked are paired differently (now it's large muscle groups together [chest & back] and small muscle groups together [biceps & triceps]). 


I definitely spent some time this week relaxing (AKA binge-watching Parenthood), but I definitely tried to give my days routine and structure to get things done. I actually use the Notes app on my phone and write down every single day and every thing I want to get done or have to do on those days. I usually write this out in 2-3 month spans, often stopping at a major milestone or holiday, whereupon I'll regroup and plan another 2-3 months. When I'm being really obsessive with this, I will write the upcoming week out like a schedule, writing what time of day I should start each task. This may sound nuts to some people, but I find it pretty calming and soothing. It's a way that I can do a mental check-in of where I need to be and what I need to get done.


I had some things I needed to do early in the week (dentist appointments and such - teachers try to cram all of these things in August!) but I also let myself do some back to school shopping. I ended up buying things in a variety of sizes, all the way from XS to XL, depending on the cut and style of the clothing. I'm not gonna lie, my weight has gone up. My favorite pair of jeans feel a little tight. I'll be curious to see what my measurements are like at the end of this program, because I do think I've gained muscle mass but also my nutrition hasn't been great. I don't think macro counting is going so well because I don't eat as clean. What has worked best for me is clean portion control and I think I will go back to that soon (I am running a free 5-Day Clean Eating Challenge starting September 10th, if you want to do this with me! Get the menu here).


I mentioned in my blog post from last week that I'm going to attempt a "sober September" with three exceptions: LDW, my NYC trip, and my SIL's wedding. Well, Labor Day Weekend has come and gone and I didn't drink anything besides water and seltzer! We hosted a big surprise party at our house in Syracuse for my Dad, who is turning 60 this month. I was nervous that I would cave and have a beer or two or three, even though it was only the first of the month, but I didn't! I just had seltzer all day. I was worried that people would kind of wonder out loud why I wasn't drinking but really no one seemed to care. I suppose that's because it was family. I did indulge in treats like cannoli dip and cake and probably went way over what I should be eating carb- and sugar-wise. BUT I'm still looking at this day as a win.


Another LDW win was what Sawyer and I did on Sunday. Typically this summer, when we've had a free day or afternoon, we've gone to a local winery or brewery. Instead, we went to Chittenango Falls, which I'd never been to before, and hiked some trails (what a "rest day", haha). I'm actually pretty proud of us for choosing this healthier option.


I'm looking forward to another week of this program and then ending the year strong. I'm thinking of doing A Week of Hard Labor, a five-day workout program that came out the week of Labor Day in 2017, next while I do my 5-day clean eating challenge (and I'll get to keep using my weights!). Then I think I'll do a 3-Day Refresh before my SIL's wedding (that's a cleanse, but with food!). Then.... I'm thiiiiinking about doing 80 Day Obsession again. Like, full out, maybe with just one cheat day on Thanksgiving. And it will end right before Christmas. I'm not sure yet, but that's when I had the best physical and mental results and felt most in control of my health. Thoughts?

Rachel Reaches