LIIFT4 Journal - Week 3

Week 3

The name of the nutritional game this week was balance. I did not write out a meal plan as I did for Weeks 1 & 2, but I kept a pretty good mental checklist of what containers I was supposed to have.

I actually did not meal prep for lunches at camp Tuesday-Thursday (gasp!), but rather scrapped together things that I had on hand: tuna fish, hardboiled eggs & tomatoes from my friend's farm, etc. Thursday was actually a teacher appreciation lunch at camp, thrown by our program director. It was lovely and they went all out with fancy Wegmans trays of salad with pears, chicken salad on mini croissants, and pinwheel wraps. I tried nearly everything!

We had two big events this weekend: Brew at the Zoo on Friday night and also a friend's surprise 30th birthday party at Green Lakes. I knew ahead of time that these events would involve less healthy foods & drinks, so I tried to eat very on point during the day. I tried to have a lot of veggies & water and I think I was very successful with that.

On Sunday, we (Sawyer and I) got back to healthy eating. We spent the day at Southwick Beach and picked up Mediterranean salads from CoreLife Eatery beforehand for our picnic lunch. It was a great rest day!

Speaking of rest days, I want to tell you a bit about how the workouts are going! Fitness-wise, it was a very successful week for me. I am so in love with the flexibility of Beachbody's LIIFT4 program. The workouts, as I've mentioned before, are suggested for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday of each week. But, you can of course move things around as needed.

This week, I moved my Friday legs workout to Saturday, since I was preoccupied with lesson planning in the morning, lunch with a new friend at Panera, and then Brew at the Zoo in the evening. I could have squeezed it in if I really needed to, but I took the day as a rest day.

I want to take a minute to pat myself on the back a bit because I really pushed myself this week, fitness-wise. I went heavier on my weights for so many exercises, even using my new 25-pound dumbbells. And I had that good kind of sore feeling the next day. I was proud. Let's keep reaching for those health goals, people <3

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