LIIFT4 Journal - Week 5

Week 5

Wow, week 5! Lots of things to tell you about. My husband was out of town for work for most of this week and it was also my last week of camp at SAIL! Each of those things can lead to craziness for fitness and nutrition, but together it was a little nutty.


I got my workouts done on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I got into a bit of a funk on Tuesday and took the day as my rest day. But since I was going out of town over the weekend, that meant I HAD to do the rest of my three workouts on Wed-Fri. But like I've said before, I'm really appreciative of the flexibility of this program - if I need to shift things around, I can.

I also really like how almost formulaic each workout is. When you buy the program, they mail you a tracking sheet (I think you can also download it from your online subscription) to write down the weights you used. But also means that you exactly what moves you'll be doing in each workout, because it's written down. Sometimes there is a HIIT component and there is always cardio, but it's very patterned and prescribed. This is pretty comforting to me in my fitness journey. Like many of students, I like to know what will be happening in "class" each day so I can best follow along.

Speaking of tracking, I went HEAVY on my Friday leg workout. I used 25 lb weights for many of my moves, including front-loaded squats! I am still feeling the burn as I write this here on Monday. But 25 lbs are my heaviest weights - I may need to purchase some new ones! If you're reading this and you are a person who buys me Christmas gifts, I would love a Dick's Sporting Goods gift card, haha. Weights are usually $1/pound, so as they get heavier, they get more expensive ;)

So I was successful in my workouts all week. Moderately successful was my nutrition. I still tracked on the My Fitness Pal app throughout the week, until the weekend when I was camping in the Catskills with no cell reception or WiFi. And I was diligent about my logging, even if I was going over my macronutrient/caloric goals (like when I went out for drinks for a friend's birthday on Monday).

I mentioned that Sawyer was out of town for the week, which meant I was cooking for one. I forget who I was talking to recently about this, but cooking for one is hard. It's easier to just be lazy and snack a lot (I literally ate cheese for dinner one night) or pick up take-out. When I have Sawyer to make dinner for/with, I tend to have more balanced, healthy meals. So I definitely feel for my single challengers who struggle with eating healthy in this regard - it's tough! I did make a few awesome meals/snacks, including this great Honey Dijon & Garlic Salmon.

I also mentioned that it was the last week of camp. We had a pizza party for the campers on the last day and I ate three pieces of Wegman's pizza for lunch (and chips and cookies), even though it tasted like plastic. I could have meal prepped something, and should have, but I chose to eat with my coworkers and campers. It was a conscious unhealthy choice.

And when I was out of town with my husband's friends over the weekend camping, we ate pretty unhealthily. Again, this was a conscious choice of all of us. I think a lot of the people in the group typically try to eat pretty healthy, but we went all out with bagels, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, chips & dip, etc. I think we maybe had some fruit. No vegetables. And lots of drinking. I want to give a shout out to my friend Jenn, who is training for a marathon and didn't drink over the weekend. It can be a super hard thing to do - hanging out with friends while I gave up alcohol during 80 Day Obsession this past January - April was really tough for me, so I give you mad props, girl!


We've got a bunch of social events coming up over the next month, so nutrition will (as always) continue to be a battle. But I'm going to keep tracking macros and lifting heavy and see what happens!

Rachel Reaches