LIIFT4 Journal - Week 2

Week 2

Alright, alright, alright, Week 2, in the books! It seemed to go by both quickly & slowly. As I reflect, there were some good things that happened. And also some tough things.


First off, meal prep started off STRONG. I made this shredded buffalo chicken in my Instant Pot that was sooo good. I've never made shredded chicken in the Instant Pot before - it didn't take long to cook at all and was really juicy. I'm really glad I found a way to use my Instant Pot in the summer. But I am looking forward to the fall and making soups again (like Chicken Noodle, Butternut Squash, or Split Pea!).

I made a little side salad to go with my buffalo chicken and I wanted to use ranch to tie the flavors together. I tried this GREAT ranch dressing by Primal Kitchen Foods. It's ranch, and it's paleo, soy & canola free, dairy free, & sugar free. And also delicious. I really recommend this dressing. I can't wait to try their other kinds!


My job got me feeling down this week, though, and so my nutrition was derailed. My most challenging students at camp were in rare form and I came home in tears. It happens sometimes in the teaching world (and I'm sure in most other professions, as well). I tried to make myself feel better with comfort food, even though I know that's not a healthy way to deal with emotions. All weekend, I allowed myself way too many treats. We went out to sushi Thursday, made pasta with alfredo sauce on Friday, got Moe's on Saturday, and then ordered Chinese food on Sunday. Yikes. It wasn't my healthiest weekend.

I did, however, get all my workouts in! It wasn't super hard, because there are only four in a week. But sometimes it's hard to find the motivation to push play when you're feeling blue. But every day is a new day to start fresh & try again. My arms are feeling stronger from these lifting workouts. I'm ready to use food as FUEL for this upcoming Week 3... stay tuned!

Rachel Reaches