LIIFT4 Journal - Week 4

Week 4

HALFWAY DONE with LIIFT4! And this week went really well. First, I wanna talk workouts. My workouts were all over the calendar (AKA I wasn't doing the same workout each day as the rest of the world or even my own challengers). But that is the BEAUTY of this program - four workout days and three rest days means that I can move things around.

I even used one of my rest days to get active with one of my good friends and take a bootcamp class at her gym! Which still kicked my ass, by the way. Sometimes my friends will say to me, "Oh, [this activity] will be easy for you, because you work out a lot." Ummmm, NOPE. A lot of fitness activities are still a challenge for me, even after four years hard at work. This particular bootcamp class had us at one point running on a treadmill on a very steep incline. Guys, I haven't been on a treadmill in YEARS. That was tough. I was gonna fall off. And I was so sweaty, I could barely hang on to the handles. But we did it!

Another positive thing about the week was that I maintained all of my weights that I upped in the previous week. There were definitely some tough moments for me, like doing a ton of arm work with 15s (that's a lot for me still!), but I pushed through all three sets because I felt that this was truly my zone of proximal development (boom, teacher jargon).

Now let's talk food. I, once again, did not meal plan. I did meal prep my lunches and some snacks, but beyond that and making a few notes about what dinners were going to be, I did not write out a plan to really stick to my portion containers. Instead, I reinstalled the My Fitness Pal app and tracked my macros for the week. This was something that I used to do when I first began my weight loss journey. Tracking every little morsel that went in to my mouth made me a bit crazy the last time I did this, so I was nervous. But it was easier this week than it had been. I think that's because I eat more whole, clean foods now, and it's easier to input "1 cup of cucumbers" than some complicated recipe from a restaurant that I would approximate .

I enjoyed this macro tracking and I'm probably gonna keep with it for the rest of the summer. I learned that even though I am eating less bread and wheat-based products, my carbohydrate intake is still quite high and my protein and fat intake is low. This led me to do some research and try some new things, like adding Greek yogurt to my breakfast shakes or even trying sardines (I should have taken a pic of video of this.... TBH it was just like tuna). I'm going to keep playing with my food, haha, and find new snacks and flavor combos that are macro-friendly. And you can bet I'll be sharing them!

One final thing - reopening My Fitness Pal was like opening a time capsule. I could see all of the last food I logged (it was like Dr. Pepper, Dunkin Donuts chocolate glazed donut, etc.), as well as my previously recorded weight (which was a good 30 pounds more than I am now). Sometimes it's worth it to take a step back and really appreciate all of the effort you've done so far <3

Rachel Reaches