80 Day Obsession Journal - Week 9

Rachel Reaches_Week 9.png

Soooo yeah, I cheated on my meal plan a TON this week. And it wasn't just one day. It was multiple days.

The week started out rough for me. It was the first week after the musical, and theoretically I should have more time and be able to "do it all", but that never happens for me. More time = more time to procrastinate. I did manage to meal plan and grocery shop last Sunday, but I never got to the "prep" part. I figured I would do it Monday morning.

Well, with my sheer exhaustion from show weekend, plus Daylight Saving's, I woke up SUPER late for school on Monday. Like, at-the-time-I-normally-leave late. And I was not meal prepped. Woof. As I was throwing clothes on and trying to fix my hair and make-up and look like a semi-put together adult, I heard Sawyer getting up and asking what I needed made. I told him that he didn't have to, but he insisted that he helped, even though that meant getting up an extra hour early for him! He is so sweet. Best husband ever.


As I raced downstairs, we finished the last few items together and off I went to school. When I got home that night I completed the rest of the week's actual meal prep. So the rest of the week should be smooth sailing, right?


The sugar craving hit early in the week. Not sure what it was, but I needed sugar BAD. And my body couldn't be tricked by fruit sugar, no no no. It needed that high fructose corn syrup. And even though I really keep nothing in the house to tempt me, I knew that there was some Aunt Jemima Lite syrup hidden in the back of a cabinet. While I have (mostly) switched to use real maple syrup, Sawyer still likes the fake stuff. So we have both.


And I went to town. That bottle in the picture? Yeah, that was mostly full earlier in the week. I DRANK ALMOST AN ENTIRE BOTTLE OF LITE SYRUP, FOLKS.

Later in the week, carb cravings hit. I ate a bunch of extra multigrain tortillas (they're in the meal plan, but not like 4 at a time). And on Sunday, we had a little "Thanksgiving in March" (hey, we really liked Thanksgiving food, okay?) at my mother-in-law's and while I did bring my own baked potato, I also ate some of the stovetop stuffing and a slice of pumpkin pie.

Woof. This is the most off-track I have been throughout this entire journey.

 But I don't feel particularly bad about it.

For starters, if I look at everything I ate last week critically, I would be following the 90/10 rule, I would say (90% clean, 10% "dirty" or processed). Following the 80/20 rule is what's recommended for weight loss and is what I subscribe to typically (and will FO SHO return to). This is just an extreme program that I am doing because I want to see if I can do it. I'm pushing myself here. This is not for the weight loss beginner, I'll tell you that.

And guess what? Even after "all that", I woke up on Saturday at my LOWEST WEIGHT AND BODY FAT PERCENTAGE since high school. I now fall into the "normal" brackets for BMI and body fat percentage. I have been in the overweight/obese ranges for as long as I can remember. And the reason I achieved this is because I still did my workouts and drank my water and got good nights' sleep and did not give up on myself. Do not give up on yourself! Each day is a new day.


But clearly, meal prep is my key to success. I really feel like it's my jam & helps me be successful. When I've got it done, I am WAY more likely to be on track with my nutrition. I was so inspired by this week, that my next health & fitness challenge group is going to center around meal prep, and how meal prep saves you time and helps you lose weight. We're gonna start on March 26th - the three-week challenge will line up perfectly with my last three weeks of 80 Day Obsession! If you think you'd like to be a part of this, please fill out this interest form and I'll be in touch with you.  I'd love to be your coach <3