80 Day Obsession Journal - Week 8

Rachel Reaches_Week 8.png


Our school put on an AMAZING production of "The Addams Family" this past weekend. Like seriously, both of our show nights were AWESOME. I was so proud of all of the students and adults involved.


I am the pit band conductor for our shows. If any of you have done musical theater before, you know that tech week can be TOUGH. They are long, grueling nights. I taught until 3:10 and then we began at 5:30 and went until 9:30 or 10 each night. Kids actually began getting into make-up much earlier than 5:30. I just stayed through at school, but it wasn't a lot of time to get anything major done.

I had to get my workouts done in the morning before school. It was the only way. And I was super tired doing so. But I was committed.

In our school (and many schools, I think), parents provide potluck dinners for all those involved in the show on the nights of tech week. And our students' parents do a fabulous job. They make tons of amazing entrees and desserts, enough for everyone, even our custodial staff. I think the toughest thing about this week (even tougher than waking up at 4:30 AM) was declining this food each night. It's not that I wanted the food, really. It was mostly casserole-type things designed to be made in massive quantities and give the kids quick energy. But it was saying a polite 'no' to all of the parents that really just wanted to give back to us, the production staff.


I ate my carrots, brown rice, and plain Greek yogurt with unsweetened coconut each night alongside everyone else. I was pretty much a creature of habit last week. I don't get bored eating the same foods, and since I wasn't cooking for Sawyer, I didn't vary my dinners. Some of my students noticed my "weird" eating (they always seemed to catch me eating carrots...) and poked a little fun at me, but I wonder if I affected them in a positive way at all. Maybe they took salad at dinner when they otherwise wouldn't have. Maybe not. I like to think that they did.

But anyways, the show went SUPER well. It was so great. And putting on a show always brings people together, and that includes teachers and students. It was so lovely. But I am looking forward to getting more sleep and more free time to myself in the upcoming weeks. Phase 3 is up next! I'm loving the results I'm seeing from the first two phases. I can't wait to see where Phase 3 brings me!!!