80 Day Obsession Journal - Week 6

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Week 6 was very good indeed. It was February break for me, which ended up being ok. I spoke a lot on my Instagram story last week about how I am sometimes less on top of my fitness and nutrition whenever I have a school break. A lot of teachers seemed to agree - even though we have more time, the lack of structure really throws us off. Somehow, the day gets away from us and we find ourselves thinking, "Wow, I would be teaching 4th period by now on a normal day! Where did the time go?" before we've even really eaten or done anything productive.


Monday I had completely free, except for a dentist appointment, so I was totally able to workout grocery shop, and even do a little meal prep. Even though I'd have time to cook this week, I'm still lazy and would like to just grab and go.

But Tuesday-Thursday, I visited my parents in Albany (well, Clifton Park). In order to stay on top of my workouts, I needed to bring my free weights with me. My parents do have some weights at their house, but I definitely wanted to bring my 15s and 20s. It wasn't all that difficult, just a few extra things to pack. And I'm glad I did! I really pushed myself last week, upping my weights even more.


Let's talk about Wednesday real quick - Wednesday was REFEED DAY. And it was awesome. I have never experienced a fitness regime that actually INSTRUCTED me to eat things like bagels and brownies before. The 5 "dirty yellow containers" (white carbs) that I had were half a Bruegger's bagel (which are better than LI/NYC bagels, in my opinion... :P), a chickpea brownie, a burger bun (1/2 the bun is one serving, so I had both halves), and a handful of pretzels (I had Snyder's butter pretzels... one of my FAVE snacks and something I used to kind of binge on/mindlessly eat in the past). The rest of my day was pretty much the same. I still ate at specific times. I still did my workout. It wasn't a cheat day... we went to City Beer Hall in Albany before a Sienna basketball game with my parents, but I did not get beer. That's where I had my delicious burger, though!


When I was back in Cuse on Thursday night, we went to our friends' house to try homemade pho and play Dungeons & Dragons for the first time. Both were awesome and we'll definitely by trying both again! On Friday & Saturday night, Sawyer and I ate out at Azteca (a Mexican restaurant) and Asuka (the sushi place from last week). Since the next two weeks are going to be so busy for me, I wanted to spend time out with Sawyer. I was able to stay on point with my meal plan the whole time.

The next two weeks are late nights... we have rehearsal for the musical nearly every night. I also have my own dress rehearsals and concerts for the professional choir that I sing with on the days when I don't have musical rehearsal. It's gonna be crazy! I'm also not coming home between school and rehearsal to save on time/gas/mileage, so I'm getting up early and doing my workouts then. Check out my Instagram stories - every day I post my sweaty selfie!

These two weeks were the reason why I considered not even starting this 80 day program. But, after going through 6 weeks of the program, I know I can do this. It might even be EASIER than last week, because everything in my day has to be so regimented. My workouts will be done first thing in the AM and my meals will all be packed (saving me money!).

Sawyer was also so cute yesterday. As we were putting away groceries together yesterday, I mentioned that I had forgone a few items in order to stay close to our grocery budget for the month of February. Then later that evening, I went to a dress rehearsal with my professional choir. When I got back, Sawyer said he had gone to Wegmans and gotten me treats - he had picked up all of the things I skipped when shopping before! He got a bunch of berries, seltzer water, natural peanut butter, and my face wash. He is definitely a keeper <3

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