80 Day Obsession Journal - Week 4

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Feeling pretty darn proud of myself!!!

I have now finished 26 days of this 80 day program, which OFFICIALLY marks the end of Phase 1! There are three total phases :)

I did much better in Week 4 than I did in Week 3. My mindset was much more positive all around. I need to get back into reading personal development books (or rather, listening to them. I love www.audible.com) and get back into consistent mindset work. Some people call personal development books "self-help books" and attach a stigma to them, but they really do help improve your mindset in all areas of your life. The books that I've read have totally transformed who I am as a fitness enthusiast, teacher, wife, friend, and daughter. The last one I finished in mid-January and was called The Happiness Project. If you have any recommendations for my next read, I'd love to hear it!

I'm really impressed with how I've started saving money as I grocery shop for healthy foods, too. At the beginning of this 80 day journey, my grocery bill was a little higher than normal. I do eat more food while following this plan than I would otherwise. In the weeks leading up to this, I would usually have a superfoods shake on the way to school, eat my lunch that I meal prepped, and then make dinner at home. I would snack in between on whatever I could find (mostly the candy in my desk....). Now that I'm adding 2 planned snacks in the day, plus my preworkout meal, there's more food to buy. But instead of the berries I had in Week 1, I'm buying more bananas, clementines, and apples. I can get way more for my buck. Instead of snacking on 6 shrimp once a day, I'm having plain Greek yogurt that I can get in a Family Pack size at Wegman's. So my grocery bill has come down. And even though I am going UP a meal plan next week in Phase 2 (I'll be on Plan B, which adds another fruit, healthy carb, and healthy oil to my daily intake), I think it will still be consistent. Saving money = winning.

Another thing I did this week was I actually track my weights by writing them down, to see if I made improvements from week to week. I KNOW that I've upped my weights throughout the four weeks of Phase 1, but I didn't keep track of it, so I can't be sure! Ugh! But better late than never :)

But speaking of tracking, I have tracked my weight, body fat percentage, and measurements since Day 1 of this journey. And my results from Phase 1 are pretty freaking awesome.

I have lost 5.8 pounds, 1.6% body fat, and 5.5 total inches (meaning an inch off my hips, a half inch off of each thigh, etc.)!

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to look BEYOND the scale. If I was to look just at the weight loss, I would be pretty disheartened. All of this strict nutrition and exercise for just 1ish pounds per week? Yeesh. BUT the drop in body fat percentage and inches really are the key indicators. They mean that I am dropping fat stores and gaining muscle. I HIGHLY recommend getting a cool scale that measures your body fat percentage and measuring tape (you can literally get them at the dollar store).

The other way I recommend tracking your progress is by taking pictures. Yes, it totally feels goofy doing so in the moment. But it really helps you visually see your progress. I see less bulge in my back photos and more toned arms and a lifted booty in my side profile photos.

Progress makes you feel good. And it makes you motivated for more. I always tell my challengers to look for those small non-scale victories... do you clothes fit better? Are you generally happier? Is your skin clearer? These are all things that can come from maintaining a healthy diet and staying physically active. And they are all just as important, if not more so, than the number on the scale <3 Look for your own victories this week, my friends! I can't wait to hear about them!!

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