80 Day Obsession Journal – Week 1

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Ok, wow. These 80 days are going to be no joke.

I'm not gonna lie, I thought a few times about quitting already. I think that's pretty normal, particularly with such a stringent program. 

Basically, the nuts and bolts of this program are intense workouts with timed nutrition. Each workout is about an hour long (I miss the 30 minute workouts of 21 Day Fix!) and you eat certain food groups based on when you do your workout. Most days, I've been doing my workouts after work, which has been nice. I get to "sleep in" (only until about 5:45 or 6 AM... #teacherproblems) and it's been a nice change of pace. I was an early morning workout person for a while last year.

The only trouble so far is that if I workout after school, sometimes "dinner" can fall pretty late in the evening, because of the timed nutrition. But my husband and I have been able to eat together most nights!

The week started off a bit rough because I was experiencing vertigo problems from a viral inner ear infection. But my doctor said I was cleared to workout. I modified VERY heavily on Monday's and Tuesday's workouts, particularly the moves requiring balance. I liked the moves when we were on the ground.

This program has us using resistance bands and floor sliders, in addition to weights and I'm finding them pretty fun to use. The bands have been rolling up on my legs a bit, but I seem to be finding my groove with them and it's getting easier. Which is exactly what Autumn Calabrese (the creator of the program) said would happen. Trust the process, Rachel.

Wednesday was an interesting night because I had an evening pit band rehearsal for the musical. Driving home and back would waste a lot of time (and gas and mileage) and I wouldn't be able to get a proper workout in at home. Soooo I brought my equipment and clothes with me and worked out in my classroom! Teacher friends, have you ever done that??


As the week progressed, I was feeling really pleased with myself. I stuck with the meal plan 100% perfectly. That part was easy... but ONLY because I had done my home work and meal planned and prepped the weekend before. I use a Google sheet to write out all of the things I need to eat and when. This is when being a teacher is kind of helpful, because my life is so prescribed by time anyways, that I could fall into a routine really easily (ex. eating a protein, healthy fat, and veggie during my 4th period 8th grade study hall).

Friday was what I anticipated to be my biggest hurdle. Sawyer and I have resolved to do a date night once a month and so on Friday we went out to dinner and a movie. I was nervous to eat out, but it actually was fairly simple, since we picked a steakhouse. I had the most delicious filet mignon, onions/mushrooms, and some mashed potatoes, which was what I was supposed to eat post-workout (a protein, a veggie, a carb, and a teaspoon of oil). The toughest part was skipping on the wine selection at dinner and the popcorn/candy at the movies. But I was on a mission!


Waking up Saturday morning, I FINALLY felt sore. I hadn't felt very sore all week, but Friday's leg workout killed me! Saturday was my first official weekend pit band rehearsal with my students - I usually bring them snacks. I brought a dozen donuts, but resisted eating any (even though some looked cute!). I posed this question to my health/fitness Facebook group - what healthy snacks can I bring them?? Some of my students asked for veggie/fruit trays, which I will happily bring!

After rehearsal at school in the morning, and a long nap, I finally got in the final workout of the week and man was it tough. I'll have to post some videos from the Saturday workout to my Instagram story next week. It's bonkers.

Sunday was my meal plan/grocery shop/meal prep/get-everything-done-before-my-own-rehearsal-day.I sing with a professional group that rehearses Sunday nights, which is sometimes a big stressor because I feel so crunched for time to get ready for the week. I did end up getting everything ready, but I did not do the suggested foam rolling (even though I did get this Gaiam foam roller - I'll try it next weekend). I did, however, get a chance to relax in my friend's hot tub, so I'll take that for a rest day ;)


MY ACTUAL BIGGEST CHALLENGES: I honestly think Sunday, my rest day, was my toughest day BECAUSE that day had much less structure than the rest of the week. I didn't eat for like 5 hours (I was out doing errands and shopping and didn't bring anything with me!). I'm supposed to eat every 2-3. But I think it's ok! I also am not drinking enough water... this has ALWAYS been my biggest challenge. I am making improvements. I seriously would go a whole day only drinking a single can of seltzer. To be honest, I'm not sure how I can function like that. I'm doing better, but I'm definitely not doing the "half my body weight in ounces" amount.

All in all, it was a pretty successful first week. I am looking forward to the rest of this program and it's super cool doing it in real time as it is being released. The energy and excitement surrounding it as everyone tries it for the first time is pretty neat. Make sure to follow me on Instagram (@rachel.reaches) and check out my story each day for more updates on how I'm tackling 80 Day Obsession!!

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