21 Day Fix LIVE Week 4



21 Day Fix Extreme, that is!

This week was the first week of 21DFX and, yeah, it’s definitely a little harder than the regular 21 Day Fix. But what I like about this “real time” version that they’re doing vs. the OG program is that they graduate you through the weeks to slightly more advanced moves. So Week 1 of 21DFX is a little bit less intense than the original workouts, but the intention is to build up your strength and stamina gradually, which I am grateful for.

I modify A LOT in these workouts. I am so grateful for the modifier Kat. She is RIGHT next to Autumn up in front, demoing all of the modifications. I need these modifications! Sometimes, I just can’t do the full minute of an intense cardio interval or do all of the push-ups (my wrists bother me). But I don’t quit - I do the modification. If you feel like you’re not in shape enough to do “21 Day Fix EXTREME”, don’t worry. You definitely can do it with the modifications and still get a great workout in. If you are still stressed about it, try the regular real time 21 Day Fix workouts first and work your way up.

My favorite part of the workouts this week was that MY HUSBAND DID YOGA FIX EXTREME WITH ME SUNDAY NIGHT <3 Yoga was totally the fix for my #sundayscaries. Though he didn’t snap a #swelfie with me, I know that it helped calm his anticipatory workweek anxieties, too.

Nutrition was pretty good this week! We continued to experiment with #meatlessmonday and made fix-approved enchiladas from FIXATE (the cooking show that you automatically get access to with your workout subscription!), but subbed out the chicken for tempeh. I’ve never had tempeh before.. it actually wasn’t bad. I preferred the Quorn from the week before, though!

I had about 15 students perform solos at the NYSSMA solo festival in Ithaca on Saturday and I packed a ton of awesome, healthy snacks to get me through the day. Although they were selling fruit at the event (it is Ithaca, after all!), they mostly had pizza and chips and things for sale. It wasn’t my first time at this particular festival site, though, so I knew what to expect!


We had a co-ed baby shower to go to Saturday evening, which was Cinco de Mayo themed. I avoided the appetizers (because I KNOW MYSELF and “just one” turns into 80 billion) and then helped myself to the taco bar. I just went with a taco salad/burrito bowl thing, skipping the tortilla shells. I also skipped out on the alcohol. One, because I’m not sure I like myself when drinking (I’ve written about this before) and two, because I was so FREAKING tired from the long day with my students, that I couldn’t imagine adding alcohol to the mix.

At the end of this week, I finally started to break through my plateau a bit. I’ve been feeling super bloated lately and the scale has been kind of high for me. I think I have a food insensitivity. After Monday, I tried to cut out dairy. It did seem to help, and tbh, I didn’t miss cheese all that much. Would I have said that a year or two ago? Hell no! But as I’ve continued on this journey, I’ve learned that it’s ok to give up certain foods for a bit in the name of health (see my 80 Day Obsession journal, hahaha). Next week, I’ll add it back in and try cutting out something else. I read that spinach can mess with your gut a bit. I’m also trying to eat a lot more probiotic and prebiotic foods to help coax my gut into a healthier state. I’ll keep you posted!