21 Day Fix LIVE Week 5


I have to say, I really LOVE 21 Day Fix Extreme. I can tell that I am working HARD in these workouts. I always sweat a lot and feel that tiredness in my muscles afterwards. (You know, that good kind where you just have to tell your friends, “Oh man, I did a TOUGH workout today!”)

I am loving the progressions in this program. Just like with the regular 21 Day Fix, the Extreme workouts build upon each other each week. So we up our weights, add more static holds, do reps all on the same side, all to challenge our muscles more and confuse our brains and bodies to make them WERK. Switching things up on yourself are so important for growth so you don’t hit a plateau.

Speaking of plateaus, I finally pushed through my weight loss plateau! This week, the pounds started coming off. Maybe I was hitting the right level of exercise or maybe I was eating the right combo of foods, but this week had me feeling stronger, leaner, and healthier. I told you last week how I was experiencing crazy bloating. I brought dairy back into my diet this week (it’s not the culprit), but eliminated spinach. I don’t think that’s what’s doing it, either. I’ve been having spinach in my shakes for YEARS and if that is what’s causing it, then something must’ve flipped a switch in my body overnight. I’ve been keeping a running list of what I eat when I feel bloated and I think I found what it is…. rice. I had rice twice this week and both times I had crazy bloating. I’m going to switch to quinoa next week and see what that does. I did some googling and didn’t find many people that had food sensitivities to rice, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true for me!

It was a lot of go-go-go this week. I had after school stuff nearly every afternoon, which required meal prep! I’ve gotten to the point where I can meal prep pretty quickly and efficiently. I also have enough basics and staples in my house to put together simple, cheap, healthy meals in a pinch. (Don’t forget, though, it’s taken me years to get to this point. Remember not to compare your beginning to someone else’s middle!)

It was Sawyer’s birthday this week, so we went out to an awesome fancy dinner at The York in downtown Syracuse. We got $1 oysters (the best happy hour deal ever) and also a bone marrow appetizer. We never had bone marrow before, but it was SO GOOD. Can you make that at home? I’m sure you can. I’ll find out.

Over the weekend, we participated in our neighborhood’s annual garage sale. I wanted to show you all how I like to take my coffee (because weekends are for slowly sipping cups of coffee): I use Four Sigmatic coffee packets (for those mushroom benefits) with Onnit MCT oil and monkfruit sweetener. SO GOOD. Want to try some mushroom coffee? Get $10 off your first order here!

Next week is MY birthday… I’ll give you the lowdown on how it went in my next (and final) blog post for 21DF/X!