21 Day Fix LIVE Week 1


It’s back, y’all.



I am so flippin’ excited about this. If you didn’t know, the 21 Day Fix was the program that REALLY kicked off my health journey. I had been sometimes going to the gym/trying to eat healthier in the years prior, but I wasn’t really seeing any results. After completing a few rounds of this program, I saw my first SIGNIFICANT weight loss. It was awesome. You can read more about this here.

People like to comment on the name of the program all the time: “Yeah, sure… 21 days and I’m fixed!” *insert their eye roll here* My husband in particular loves to poke fun at it. He will it a salad and look at me and say, “Rach, I’m FIXED!!” But that is not what the program title is supposed to mean. The idea of the program is that is takes 21 days to build a habit (this is a belief that has been debunked, scientists believe it actually takes any where from two to eight months, but you get the idea). In this time that you are building your habit, you are establishing a daily 30-minute workout routine and you are also “fixing” the portion sizes you eat. NOT starving yourself, eating certain random foods, or whatever. Truly looking at the meal you were going to make anyways and measuring the portions.

Maybe you noticed that I wrote above about seeing weight loss “after completing a few rounds”. This is true. It took more than one round. But it was all about building that habit, that lifestyle, which I have been striving towards these past almost three years now.

So Rachel… this is an old program? Why are you journaling about it now as if it were new?

Well, it is new again! Beachbody is in the process of filming brand new 30-minute videos for each day in the program. In the original program, there were seven videos:

  1. Total Body Cardio Fix

  2. Upper Fix

  3. Lower Fix

  4. Pilates Fix

  5. Cardio Fix

  6. Dirty Thirty

  7. Yoga Fix

And so each Monday for the three weeks, you would do video number 1. And each of the three Tuesdays, you would do video number 2. And so on. But, as this is something like their most popular program ever, Beachbody wanted to redo this program to be in the style of their more recent programs, where every single workout is something fresh. There are a few reasons for this. One, you don’t have to hear the same joke or pun every week. Two, the trainer (Autumn) can tweak the moves each week to help you progress and push yourself more.

But Beachbody has gone one step further and they are producing this program LIVE. Which means, not only is each day a brand new workout, but each day’s workout is being filmed and streamed raw and unedited at 9 AM PST. Which I think is so baller. Unfortunately for us east coasters, we are typically at work around noon. And if you like to work out in the morning before work, which I do, you can’t be on the same day. So there are many of us east coasters a day behind. But that’s ok :)

You may have also noticed that there are six weeks allocated for the journal. That’s because after 21 Day Fix is completed, Autumn and her cast are going to launch right into 21 Day Fix EXTREME, which is another level up. I am going to be continuing on with them!

But this program is not just fitness alone. A HUGE part of it (in fact, most of it) is centered on Autumn’s Ultimate Portion Fix, which is her meal plan. Like I mentioned above, it is not about eliminating those foods you love like pastas, sweets, and wine, but rather about understanding how much of that you should have per week. And, on the other hand, it is about how much more of things like vegetables and water you should be getting per day. Now, this system has been around since the original days of 21 Day Fix. But what I am loving about this relaunch is that there is a whole video series (7 modules) that you get access to. These videos teach you not only how to use this program, but they also help you to dig deep and truly understand your driving cause for wanting to make a healthier change. Once you unearth that, you have the golden key you need to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Does the new 21 Day Fix sound like something you’d be interested in? Maybe you’re looking to finally start your health journey, or perhaps you just feel like you’re stuck on a plateau and want to try something new? If that’s the case, please contact me here so that we can figure out if this program suits your needs. If it does, and you and I are a good match, I would be happy to coach you to reach your goals!