Break Week

Break Week!

Ok, so technically this program does not contain a break week. 21 Day Fix & 21 Day Fix Extreme are two separate programs, and Beachbody decided to put a week in between finishing 21DF and rolling out 21DFX. However, I am kind of treating this all like one long seven-week program, so I thought I’d just put out a short post about what I did during this break time.

I decided to do Autumn’s “A Little Obsessed” for my workouts. This is a short series of five workouts that are thirty minutes long each. I purposefully chose to stick with Autumn for this week - I personally find her really motivating and I wanted to keep seeing her in my workouts! I also liked that the workout lengths were the same as 21DF/X. And I was familiar with the moves, since the 5-day program is meant to be an intro to 80 Day Obsession, which I’ve already completed a few rounds of. (Here is my journal from Round 1!) I did the workouts from Tuesday-Saturday, which gave me Sunday off as a much-needed rest day - Saturday’s leg day KILLED, haha.

If you read the text in the fourth photo above, you’ll notice I didn’t actually do Day 4 Cardio Core from the program. That Thursday, I woke up a little late and was having a hard time dragging myself out of bed and downstairs to my living room to workout. I eventually did get up with 20 minutes left to workout. I could’ve said “screw it” and done nothing at all. Which I totally would’ve chosen in the past. Instead, I decided to do a 20-minute Transform :20 workout! THIS is why Beachbody On-Demand is so awesome. Because I can make my workouts fit my life, rather than trying to fit my life into a gym schedule. There is even a sorting feature on the On-Demand site that lets you select how much time you are looking to work out and then generates a list of available workout content! If you want to try a free 14-day trial of this subscription and check out all of the content, just go here!

I still meal planned & prepped for the week using the Ultimate Portion Fix guidelines. I left the weekend somewhat loosey-goosey in my planning, because on Saturday we were planning to go wine tasting on Seneca Lake with some college friends in town and Sunday we were going to go have Orthodox Easter dinner with Sawyer’s family. I still tried to make decent-ish choices on those days, though! I focused on fuel foods, but also had some fun foods. I had an amazing salad at the Beef and Brew in Geneva, NY and had amazing Middle Eastern food at Easter dinner.

One of my OG recipes,   Dill Tuna Cakes

One of my OG recipes, Dill Tuna Cakes

My latest coffee obsession, Mushroom Coffee Latte Mix from Four Sigmatic. Click   here   to get $10 off!

My latest coffee obsession, Mushroom Coffee Latte Mix from Four Sigmatic. Click here to get $10 off!

Stuffed cabbage! I don’t know how to spell the Arabic word!

Stuffed cabbage! I don’t know how to spell the Arabic word!

While my nutrition was fairly on point this week, I was dealing with MASSIVE bloating all week long. Like, looking five months pregnant twenty minutes after eating. I am going to play with eliminating certain foods in the next couple of weeks to see what the culprit it. First, I’ll try eliminating dairy: it’s an obvious suspect, and something many people are sensitive too. But I love cheeseeeee. Let’s see.