21 Day Fix LIVE Week 3


And just like that, another program is done! The end of week 3 means the end of the 21 Day Fix! Well, at least this round. Autumn said that this week would be even harder and she definitely delivered. There were more holds and plyometric moves worked into each workout. I pushed myself hard on these, too (especially when I had my preworkout, which was every day except for the weekend when I forgot to pack my travel sticks!!).

This week also coincided with my April break off from school and ended in Easter weekend. Vacations and holidays are times when I struggle with my health journey. Not with the workouts - as you can see in the carousel above, I did all of my workouts, even in the hotel gym when I was traveling. That’s why I love the Beachbody On-Demand app - I can workout from anywhere. All I did was connect my bluetooth headphones, open the app, & press play and I was good to go.

But what I struggle with on vacations and holidays is nutrition. And I won’t lie, I definitely struggled this week. I wrote out a meal plan, but it was very loose and I barely looked at it. It was filled with unknowns, as I was meeting friends and family for drinks and meals at several points throughout the week. I experimented with some more items from the farmer’s market, including lion’s mane mushroom “crab” cakes and roasted artichokes. There were days (like actual Easter) where I abstained from drinking. I meal prepped snacks and water from travel. But I also had days where I said, “screw it, whatever,” and just binged and/or ordered whatever I wanted.

I’ll admit, I was not in a great headspace at the end of week 3 and felt somewhat dejected about my lack of healthy progress. But I made a few “before & after” photos to remind myself that I HAVE come so far and that I should be proud of every effort I’m making.


This is all to show you that I am indeed human and do struggle with healthy eating like so many people do! My challengers and I are all in this together, working through every single day. If any of what I’ve written resonates with you and you think you’d like to be in my Team Reach Higher challenge group, please apply! You never know if you don’t try. Even if this is 2025 and you’re reading a realllllyyyyy old blog post, I’m certain I will still be coaching others in some way or another. Reach out to me and we can figure out how we can work together!

What happens next? Well, there is a little break week during which I plan on doing the five 30-minute “A Little Obsessed” workouts and THEN on Monday 4/29, 21 Day Fix Extreme will be released! And that is what I’m jumping into next. From there? Who knows. My teammate Mel said she is going to start 80 Day Obsession after that. I have half a mind to do it again, full out. It’s 13 weeks long, and that would carry me through (and over) the 9 weeks until Morning Meltdown 100 is released. But we’ll see!