21 Day Fix LIVE Week 2

Rachel+Reaches_Week+2 (2).png

Hahahahahaha, so literally HOURS after I posted about these awesome live workouts, Beachbody decided that they weren’t going to continue doing live workouts at 9 AM PST with the rest of the program anymore. I guess there were a lot of connectivity issues. Being an east coaster, I never tried doing them live, so the change doesn’t bother me. Now they just make sure to post the next day’s workout by 8 PM PST the previous night. Either way, the workouts are still new!

This was week 2 of the 21 Day Fix, which means we are 2/3 of the way through with the program! But what I LOVED about this week, which makes it different than the OG program, is that they switched up a few things. For starters, the order of the workouts changed. That kept both my body (and my mind!) guessing. In addition, they amped up the workouts. Like the Lower Fix (leg day) workouts started to incorporate 10-second holds with weights. And Pilates Fix incorporated the resistance loops from 80 Day Obsession. I sent gifts of new loops to my challengers doing this program with me <3

Nutrition-wise, the week went really well! I meal prepped a really awesome salad for lunches from The Longevity Paradox by Dr. Stephen Gundry. It was kale, radicchio, walnuts, dried cranberries, blue cheese, olive oil, and red wine vinegar. Don’t worry, I am still going through the Ultimate Portion Fix certification program, but I am not married to one single nutritional plan! But I like to find recipes and meals that overlap different nutritional systems. My salad totally fit into UPF!


Anyways, Dr. Gundry advocates for eating less animal protein and lectin-free foods. As a result of the information I learned from the book, I am trying #meatlessmondays. This past Monday we made curried lentils with kale & coconut milk, which my friend showed me after a great discussion in my free Facebook group Reasons to Reach about the beneficial properties of turmeric. We added Quorn to ours (a mushroom-based meat substitute) to bulk up the dish a bit. It was really good! So were the leftovers.


Next week, I am off on April break and will try to spend some time relaxing (I am not good at relaxing…) but I will also be getting my final week of 21 Day Fix done! I aim to complete my UPF certification, too. As far as fun things go, I want to decorate my house more! We finally put up this lovely wall collage of our wedding vows and it really brings me happiness. I hope to add more personal touches like this to our home!

(P.S. Sarah Heppell is an AMAZING wedding photographer! <3)